Christopher and Maroon 5


We did a story about an amazing boy named Christopher Warner that I want you to know about. Christopher is a great little kid who happens to have Down Syndrome. His dream was to meet his Adam Levine and Maroon 5, he was lucky enough to do that last week. He has two amazing teachers and great parents who I think need some attention also.You may have seen the picture that went viral of the band getting on the ground with Christopher after Christopher became overwhelmed by meeting Maroon 5. What do you don’t see in the picture is the incredible support system that Christopher has.Avery Stanert and Jay Hackett are his teachers. They love Christopher and his twin brother, Matthew who also has Downs, so much. Christopher’s parents have their hands full with Christopher, Matthew and Daniel.Avery calls her Special Ed classroom, Club 157. Her room is 157, so she started calling it the club because when she taught 5th graders there was a stigma of going with the special Ed teacher so she made the room fun and colorful. Here is her blog about classroom:

Here are some of the stories we did:

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